Who we are

We are a biotech accelerator whose goal is to tap the research potential of most academia and research institutions, providing them a way to translate breakthrough discoveries from research into therapies for patients.

What we do

We build close ties with universities, research centers, technology transfer offices, biotechnology companies and patient foundations to access promising projects in their early phase.
The selection process involves the evaluation of drug candidates from both the scientific and marketing perspective. After licensing in, Inorgen performs feasibility assessment and de-risking activities in IP, pharmacy, regulation and clinical trials to turn these projects into viable assets to be proposed to external partners for drug development through pre-clinical and clinical stages.
To do that, we scout for investors leveraging on our network and taking part in a selection of life science events to present the project and find the most appropriate partner.

Our focus

We focus on businesses with international potential in Europe, particularly in Italy, France, Spain, UK, Switzerland and Belgium.
We are primarily active on rare diseases, with an equal focus to new molecular entities and drug repositioning. We act in collaboration with a European investigation group, offering a set of competences to manage the multiple tasks required in the drug development process.

Where we act

● In Europe, with a geographic footprint in EU5, Benelux and Switzerland, particularly in Italy, France and Spain

● Inside and outside Europe with entities that need acceleration to translate promising compounds into drug development projects.