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Inorgen is an independent advisory established in 2015 and operating in Europe.


Inorgen operates in the biopharma industry, with the following activities:

  • venture capital / board&advisory/ business development
  • management / advisory to biopharma
  • venture building / entrepreneur in residence / translation of research into therapies and for successful exits


research, development, target validation
translation, project translation, venture building, business development
mentoring, incubation, acceleration
patents, intellectual property
scientific articles
drug candidate, lead, lead optimization, druggability
literature review, meta-analysis
management, supervision, mentoring
drug development plan
competitive landscape, competition review, comparator, comparative analysis
technology validation, proof of concept, proof of principle, PoC, PoP
technology transfer, licensing, outlicensing, inlicensing
providers, clinical research, manufacturing, CMC, contract research, CRO, CMO, CDMO, CMC
investor pitch, presentation, elevator pitch
fundraising, preseed, seed, series A, series B, financing, convertible loans
scientific advisory board, management board, board of directors, supervisory board, development advisory board
panels, discussions, talks, conferences
preclinical trial, clinical trial, in-vivo, ex-vivo, in-vitro, in-silico
partnering, business development, financing
delas, M&A, merger and acquisition, out-licensing, licensing, IPO, initial public offering, private placement